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d generous allotment of sugar and lard. There are both sweet and s▓avory tastes among Suzhou-style mooncakes.Beij▓ing-style mooncakesThis style is the typical variation▓ in North

bean paste is the most commonly u
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China. It originated in Beijing and Tianjin▓. It features the delicate use of sweetne▓ss, moderate allotment of

gs used in moo

skin and fillings, and▓ meticulous decoration. The common proportion of skin▓ and fillings for Beijing-style moo

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ncakes is 4:6.Chaoshan-style mooncakesChaoshan-style mooncakes have a distinct crust. They are larger in size

local eating cu

than mooncakes in the Suzhou-style. T▓he most commonly used fillings are mung bean paste and black bean potat

lture and trad▓ition. The most popular variatio

o paste.Ningbo-▓style mooncakesNingbo-style mooncakes are mainly prevalent in East China's Zhejiang pro▓vinc

ns include:Cantonese-style mooncakesCantonese-style mooncakes

originate from Sou

e. They have a spicy and salty flav▓or.Modern Mooncak

chicken, duck,

 They have become increasingly popular in rec

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purple seaweed.Naliang mooncakesThis is

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